Blu Juel Designs Spiritual Necklace Collection

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Seated Buddha Pendant
18K gold plated on 14K yellow gold chain


Ganesh Pendant
18K gold plated on 14K yellow gold-filled chain


Seated Buddha Pendant with Pink FW Pearls  
18K gold plated with 14K gold-filled links

Seated Buddha Pendant with Opal Necklace
18K gold plated pendant with 14K gold-filled chain


Karma necklace
Carved wood beads with 14K gold-filled accents, om and buddha pendants


Freshwater Pearls with Buddha Head
14K gold-filled links

Long tigereye stones & sterling silver and gold Buddha pendant
14K gold-filled chain


Buddha Head Pendant with Tiger Eye Necklace
14K gold-filled links


Buddha Head Pendant with Opal Necklace
14K gold-filled links